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(Q) Sample Letter – Ten-Day Notice of Parent Intent to Place Student in Non-Public School

(Q) Sample Letter – Ten-Day Notice of Parent Intent to Place Student in Non-Public School

City, CA Zip Code
Telephone Number


Director of Special Education
Local Unified School District
City, CA, Zip Code

Re:    TYESHA R. ROBINSON (Date of Birth – MM/DD/YR)

Dear Mr. __________:

My daughter, Tyesha, is currently attending Washington Middle School, and is having extreme difficulty in meeting her IEP goals and making academic gains, especially in the areas of math and writing. Her behavior in school has also worsened. It has become increasingly clear to me that her educational needs are not being met. Tyesha is falling farther and farther behind her classroom peers.  She is not benefiting from the specially designed instruction that is being given in her current public school program.

[Optional: I believe that the educational program and placement offered to her by the district at her most recent IEP is inadequate to meet her needs.]

Therefore, pursuant to Title 34 C.F.R. Sec. 300.148(d)(1)(ii), I am writing to notify you that I will be placing my child at the Feldmann Academy – a non-public school that serves students like Tyesha. Her first day at the Feldmann Academy will be ________.  [Please note that this date should not be sooner than 10 business days after the date this letter was received by the school district.] Once she is placed, I intend to seek reimbursement from the District for the costs of this appropriate specially designed instructional program.

Since the public schools are not meeting her educational needs, I believe that this non-public school placement should be at “public expense”. I will submit an invoice from the Academy and proof of her attendance.

I look forward to your response.  I would be very happy to hear of your willingness to offer assistance for Tyesha.


Gloria Robinson

cc: IEP Team