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(6.20) How would I file a complaint with OCR?

(6.20) How would I file a complaint with OCR?

The OCR is responsible for investigation of complaints regarding allegations of discrimination in education on the basis of disability and disability harassment that may constitute violations of Section 504 of the

Rehabilitation Act of 1973. [29 U.S.C. Sec. 794.] You will find the regulations defining discrimination in education at 34 C.F.R. Sec. 104.1 and following. See Chapter 16, Information on Section 504 and Disability-Based Discrimination.

If you wish to file a complaint with OCR, you should write or call OCR at the address below and ask for a copy of the complaint form and instruction sheet for filing a complaint:

Office for Civil Rights, Region IX
U.S. Department of Education
50 Beale Street, Suite 7200
San Francisco, CA 94105
Telephone: 415-486-5555
TTY: 877-521-2172
FAX: 415-486-5570

Complaints that do not allege violations of Section 504, but may constitute violations of federal special education law, should be filed with the CDE as a compliance complaint. See OCR’s webpage for a definition of educational discrimination at: